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or… am I the right photographer for you?

At the beginning I hope you will find answers to all your questions here. If not, you can find some frequently asked questions below, or ask me anything directly.

My wedding story

Our photographer was a friend of mine with a good camera, bunch of lenses and enough experience. Well that’s what we thought. For several years he had been shooting in a studio with models. What do you bet? We have 9 (read nine in letters) good pictures from almost 300 final ones. The rest is: with a poor technical quality (focussing problems), or wrong moments, or with crazy colors. We don't like them. We wanted more photojournalistic approach, great moments, strong details and nice portraits. Unfortunately he was a studio not field photographer and it was beyond his experience at that time.

What a pity! What a shame! Yes, but it’s entirely our fault. His work was for free (since then I hate work for free) so can we complain? He did really his best, but can we return to that day?

You can think we were simply stupid. You are right! I wish all couples are smarter than we were then.

The worst on this story are words of my wife and my desperate answers: ‘yes, you are right...we should…’

So what is the real value of wedding photographs?

Memories that you want to show to your children and their children. You want to remember them forever. As clean, sharp and shining as they can be, for all the important people in your life. Because you are the number one in this story. Forever.
Good pictures keep these moments alive. They can bring you back in time.

I love weddings. I love when people make them very special. Not with a huge budget but with amazing details and personal touches. This makes each wedding truly outstanding. The personality of the couple, their love, the time invested and ideas brought to life. They have to be excited, able to talk about details for a day and believe in it. Those are my dream clients - I'm really meeting them :)

Am I the right photographer for you?

Check the pictures. They will tell you everything about my style and what attract my eyes. They are part of my memories as well - and I remember why they smile.

Then ask yourself if you prefer more photojournalistic approach or if you opt for more posed pictures. 

Photography is an art, not so abstract as a painting, not so emotional as music but it’s an art on its own. That's  why the style is so important. You have to like it. Better, love it. The best, dream about it.

Key ingredients.

I see myself as a bit conservative photographer. I like optical simplicity,  shallow depth of field with a clearly defined subject, easy natural posing, a lot of love reactions and trillion of details. Add the right light and the story - a key component for timeless wedding picture.


The meeting | booking.

I always prefer to meet my clients in advance. Sometimes it isn't possible and I'm booked for a date. Anyway I ask a lot of questions to get idea about the couple and their story. We discuss a budget, schedule, and things which a wedding planners usually do. No, I'm not one of them, it's too much work to organize the perfect wedding, but I know some really good ones if you need ;)

At the end of meeting we sit over the contract for details and I make my notes.

A small note: Please bring 'the boy' with money along. Sometimes parents pay the whole wedding so they deserve to know how much and why it can't be for free.


The wedding.

I prefer to document a whole day - from preparations till midnight what is mostly between 12 - 16hours. It's a bit exhausting but this way I can capture the complete beautiful story with many details. Each wedding is unique and has interesting parts and interesting persons. Each part has unique story and requirements to the photographer. I like also excitement and 'butterflies' coming along. Even after many years that's still my never-ending source of adrenalin and endorphins ;)

The delivery.

It takes me between 2-4 weeks to prepare selection and post-process all final pictures. At the end I prepare gallery with passwords which I share with the couple. This way is easy to share pictures across the world.

Yes, I offer also albums as well as a wide range of prints/canvases.


Will it work for you?



All my collections are time based.

It doesn’t make sense to write more details here. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you, have a coffee and hear your ideas. Maybe there are some dreams waiting to be captured too.

Even I don’t sell photographs; product of my work are captured stories, your beauty, moments and emotions… pieces of life that nobody can sell or buy. Neither myself.

We need to fit as persons too  'cause I ask a lot for exchange too. Your trust. Otherwise you hide your emotions and without them are my photographs dull. My work depends on you and it is personal, therefore I want to be entirely committed and will make sure that you feel at ease and our personalities fit perfectly.

Please write me a short message, suggest one or two dates and please don't forget to add your wedding date for checking my availability. I will reply as soon as possible.

You can find the CONTACT form here.







Gift Vouchers can be nice present for a bride so she can easy extend her wedding collection, get bigger album, prints or a canvas for their wall. You don’t need desperate scrolling the present list full of porcelain sets, furniture, or kitchen stuff. Here you can choose amount which fits you.

Good idea for a hen party as well!

Wedding Gift Voucher | Marian Majik | Destination Wedding Photographer



What is style of your photography?

It’s interesting question but I don’t have a clear answer. My style is me. It’s mix of my experiences and skill. Result is as unique as we all people are.

Photojournalism with its easy approach is a big and strong part of it. But I tweak it with fashion, advertisement and editorial styles. I love stories captured in pictures, natural moments, emotions… simple natural ‘non-posed’ look. My job is to make people look the most beautiful so I try to find the best light for each situation and picture. Another part of my job is to give a confidence and relax people in front of my camera. Experience and emotions are what we wish to remember very long time.

How about details?

Details complete the story. Smaller or bigger things make each events unique and usually people spend plenty of time with preparations. We are looking for them in magazines, we are inspired by them so I always capture as much as is in tight schedule possible. We are talking about dress(es), shoes, rings, flowers, buttons, tables, plates and many others now.

Do you use a flash a lot?

As a photographer I love a natural light. It has unique quality, richness and provides plenty of moods. So generally I live without flashes or strobes during whole day; including really dark receptions. As I’ve mentioned I prefer natural moments and the flash kills the mood many times.

I use them when they can help to create the mood I opt for. No worry I definitely won't flash on you all day long :)

Do you do destination weddings?

YES! I love traveling, new places, new people, new inspirations… so wherever you are getting married, don’t hesitate send me an inquiry with details.

How about engagement sessions?

I highly RECOMMEND them to all my couples because this experience is really helpful during the wedding day. On one side bride and groom can see how I work and because they usually aren’t professional models they will find how to don’t-pose and look good in front of the camera. After this experience they are more natural and spontaneous on their wedding day. Plus they are able to check technical quality of my work on their own pictures before the wedding. They can use pictures for a Guestbook, 'Save the date' or invitation cards. Of course, it’s also the best time for a test of selected hairdresser and make-up artist.

Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras? Will that bother you?

I have two answers. Yes and no. Murphy says – ‘Guest’s flash always fires during the most beautiful moment.’ Then I hate them. But as an artist I understand the need of taking own pictures.

My recommendation is leaving cameras in bags during the ceremony and enjoy moments. You will get enough pictures from myself and you are more than welcome to share them with anybody. Afterwards it's party time = enjoy cameras! 

Will we provide you the food at the reception?

If I work 7 hours or more it would be lovely. I will have an impression that you care about me as I care about you. I prefer to eat at the same time as you, in the same room and maybe that same food. So when you are done I am also done and I can continue with my work.

How any photographs can we expect?

I'd say a minimum is 50 images per hour. Sometimes the best 200 will be professionally corrected by specialized company. For prints, albums, etc. The rest is processed by myself. I use external companies only in case I don’t have enough of time for all needed work. Despite of I’m really good in post-processing, I love live as the photographer.

Will we get digital files?

Yes, via password protected online gallery. As extra option I can prepare a DVD with printed cover, otherwise I share all files via internet.

How soon can we see pictures?

Final pictures are ready within 2 - 4 weeks after the wedding. The slowest process is a final selection on client side for albums. For prints you need wait one week and for albums please calculate around 4 weeks. Two for layout and approval steps and two for printing and delivery.

Note to album: I offer beautiful handmade Queensberry albums which are the best in the world. The final quality is really stunning. I’ve choosen them because I care about the way in which is my work presented. Of course you can also create your own albums without any restrictions.
Based on the copyright you can not sell any of pictures anywhere - without my written approval.

Ok, we wish to book you - what do we need to do?

For booking please don’t wait and act as soon as possible. I need a signed contract and the deposit payment.
I’m sorry but I can't hold the date. I want be fair to everyone.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer all of them.

Thank you,