marian majik - documentary photographer | Wedding - Wibeke+Kristian | Chateau Hattonchatel, France



I don’t know who got the idea for such an original wedding where everything was really special. Wibeke and Kristian is a couple with romantic souls that encouraged them to search a small castle in Italy or France for their big day. So a special destination wedding when you consider that the two of them and their families live in Norway.

The ceremony was held in a small ancient church 200m away from the castle. A charismatic priest came from Brussels and because he is Swedish we had an authentic Scandinavian ceremony. Hattonchatel itself is unique. Each room has a very original design, is furnished and… as in fairytales the bride was in the tower. Fortunately doors weren’t locked.

The weather was all the time changing that day. In the morning – cloudy until preparations were over. Then the weather turned into a sunny day and heavy rain started right with the dinner. Was it all together crazy? NO! The result was the amazing wedding full of love and happiness. I wish the couple’s whole life like that day…

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The place: Chateau Hattonchatel, Vigneulles-les-Hattonchatel, France
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