marian majik - documentary photographer | About
Recently I read a blog and while I was looking at great pictures I wanted to know more. Who is that photographer, where he/she lives, why he/she pick the camera up to eyes, what does he/she love and what don't they love... simply details and with a bit of luck also his/her story. Then I realized that people who see my work maybe would like to know more too. I love my hidden position behind the camera. It gives some stability to my work and holds world.

My family
I'm a proud father of two amazing children. Sometimes they change into devils but who doesn't love them anyway (and forever)?
Boy's name is Marian to remember my father. In January 2012 he turns four so you can count. I've had a plenty of luck and I stayed on a paternity leave for 2 years with him. He loves cameras too. The decision to buy him small one just for playing protected my 'toys' well. On the other side I've seen more flashes in one week than in a whole previous life.
Zorka - our tiny princess is four years younger. She doesn't care about photography at all. As other babies she loves milk and be carried. She is a little sun for all of us. And my wife? She gives me more than I deserve. In a extremely short... her name is Zuzana.

What I love/hate?
Cameras, people, traveling, tasty food & good work... That all together mean active live to me. I hate when I'm boring. Then I'm like 80-years old if you know what I mean. I also like cooking, coffee & ice-cream, art in many ways, good movies & old singers as Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles, Piaf, etc. I wish to fish or fly with RC models once a while but with kids...? No, chance. I was good in computers, electronics and other technical 'things'... it seems be my past.

And how I became the professional photographer?
A woman is behind everything in a man's life. I followed my wife to Luxembourg and it gives me an opportunity to change my photography mode to the 'P'. I've missed creativity and contact with smiling people in a past. Plus it's a kind of everyday competition for myself. I had a luck... as with all great things in my life.

As a photographer I try to capture moments which will never come back. With emotions they are real value of my work. And to be honest, during years I've become a collector...