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Welcome dear friends!

I am a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer from small Slovakia who is currently living, and working, in even smaller Luxembourg.

If you are a young couple in love, desperately looking for a wedding photographer for one of the biggest day in your lives, please spend a minute by checking my wedding and engagement portfolio and reading a few words about the wedding investment.

All of us who are married know that finding the right one who will fulfill all your dreams is pretty complicated and difficult. I wish you a lot of luck on this journey.

Portrait and lifestyle portfolio is here for all who want to celebrate their 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s or 70′s, and save some memories for dreaming in the future.

You know, our lives bring us good, great but also terrible moments. They leave footprints in our souls and faces. The time is one of things which we can’t buy, and which we can’t return. For that simple fact, the value of our memories is tremendous. Since I'm a father, the time doubled its speed. You can believe me; had I the power I would stop the time and save some moments forever.

Unfortunately I’m not a good wizard. As a husband I can just add a gallery dedicated to my wife and son. These pictures are my memories. Sharper and with more vibrant colors than ‘ghosts’ in my head. For me they are real memories. I love them.

I mentioned young ones so it's the best time to show you children and baby photographs.

At the moment, I’m a bit more into weddings and adult portraits, but as you can see, I love children with all my heart. My friends and clients honour me in allowing me to capture images of their cute angels and loved devils. Have a look into their souls; the entrance are adorable eyes.

For me, children are so pure that sometimes I ask myself if I can and if it is really possible to capture their happiness in one strong shoot.
I still don’t know the answer, but, when I will be old, with a few last teeth, some sort of hair and shaking hands I will look at them and my heart will get younger for sure.


Photo-editors, creative directors or agents the following gallery is for you. In my editorial portfolio you can find some very famous people next to unknown ones.
The only common thing is the need for a good portrait to be published in ad, magazine, web or newspapers. All of them have a gift in a strong face, a rich life or an amazing personality.

And finally, if you came here as a photographer please check my blog. Between the assignments, sessions, workshops and life I try to share my knowledge and ideas with other creatives. I apologise if it isn’t frequent enough – I simply do my best.

Your questions are helpful to it so please feel free to ask me questions. There are no secrets or magic formulas. Just hard invisible work behind the camera. Personally, I’ve learn a big bunch of stuff online. Now it’s my turn to give it back.

My name is Marian Majik and I’m a professional photographer.



Once I saw great pictures at web and suddenly I wanted to know more. Who is a photographer, where he lives, why he picks the camera, what does he love and what hate… simply details and with a bit of luck also story. The guy was Zack Arias.
Then I realized that people who see my work maybe also like to know more so I pushed myself...

My family

I’m a proud father of two amazing children. Sometimes they change into devils but won't I love them anyway forever?
My son name is Marian to remember my great father. In January 2014 he turned six if you like mathematics. I’ve had a plenty of luck and I stayed on a paternity leave for 2 years with him at home. He likes cameras. The decision to buy him a small one protected mine ones. On the other hand I’ve seen more flashes in one week than in a whole previous life.
Zorka – our tiny princess is four years younger. She doesn’t care about photography at all. As girls she loves dresses and pink. She is a little sun for all of us.

Marian Majik | Professional wedding and lifestyle photographer LuxembourgMarian Majik | Professional wedding and lifestyle photographer LuxembourgPhoto: my wife Zuzana - Lindos town | Rhodos island | Greece 2012

What I love/hate?

Traveling, food, white vine, smiles and feeling after good work…
I hate when I’m boring. Then I’m like an 80-years old. I also like cooking, coffee, ice-cream, art in many ways, movies, oldies...

How did I become a professional photographer?

I liked photography for a long time. But when we moved to Luxembourg I got a real opportunity to start. I started to take business and editorial portraits for agencies, first family and senior portrait sessions and of course weddings. I like them the most.

Not for obvious things but because I'm natural observer, I like to steal moments, find details and tell small stories in frames. I try to capture moments which will never come back. With emotions they are real value of my work. And to be honest, during years I’ve become a collector…




or pictures with value higher than gold.

Each picture has its own story. Some, clearly visible, shout to us and others hidden in our back mind stay calm and quite until we give them space. Pictures in this page are from both categories and they are sharper, colorful and after years the prettiest part of my memories. Yes, as many of you, I’m also family photographer. I save my memories with that same love as you. Now, I’d like to show them. You know, in ten – twenty years, the price of these moments will be higher than gold or diamonds. Fortunately, they stay in our hart, no matter which world crisis and to be honest I don’t care about technical quality… they mean LOVE to me.