Let's write my story.

Year '77 - born with twin brother
2000 - graduated from university
'09 - following a wife to Luxembourg


plenty of boy's hobbies. Start to take pictures. Taking a lot of pictures. A lot of portraits. Plenty of mistakes, errors, a few nice snapshoots, flustrated from settings, learning, practicing, dirty Photoshop, plenty of pictures, double please, developing own style, plenty of gear, Tesla discovered a light bulb... finally start to take pictures. Again snapshoots.


We were blessed with two tiny angels. We feed them and they grow. Too fast. We dress them they grow. Too fast. We teach them they've outgrown us.


Camera has changed to a tool.
So I have to fish sweating in kanoe. Or I put a white suit and guys beat me at Judo. My wife brings me to mountains. I've grown up surrounded by them.
Or I can fly - with model planes or I can dream...


big One. 1/2milk and sometimes sugar. Sweets? ... it's nice, don't need.

Marian Majik | Professional wedding and lifestyle photographer LuxembourgMarian Majik | Professional wedding and lifestyle photographer LuxembourgPhoto: my wife Zuzana - Lindos town | Rhodos island | Greece 2012